Thursday, July 31, 2014

My story...


My name is Amanda. I am a dread-locked mother of 3, wife, entrepreneur, yoga/meditation enthusiast, organic gardener, self-proclaimed herbalist, lover of all things natural, and constant learner! My passions lead me to study and practice many new age, mystical, and old world ways of the world, life and every day happenings. Being more in tune with nature and her divine elements has brought so much peace, light and love into our home, and now my hope is to inspire more people to do the same!

Moonsway... and the entire idea of Moonsway, was entirely born, encouraged and manifested by my friends and family who would try my products and find great relief from them. From anxiety relief, head ache relief, skin relief, and even some mental relief through aromatherapy and relaxation.

Before Moonsway, my business was a non-business, and more of a way of life, beginning with me gifting those I love with concoctions that we use in our own home, for our own family.

Their positive energy, honest feedback and loving support was not only the birth of my own business, but also a sort of rebirth for me, giving me the boost I needed to step out of my comfort zone and open the Moonsway Esty Shop

It will continue to amaze me... the pure power of humanity in our ability to change the lives of those around us, sometimes with just a single kind comment, smile or helpful gesture, and I am forever grateful for anyone and everyone who has been that for me thus far.

                                          *                                      *                                       *
My passion of creating organic body care came from the combination of my passion for only wanting all natural, all organic and GMO free products for myself and family, and my love for making/crafting things on my own.
It has long been a habit of mine to read ingredients of products I like and then try to make them on my own. Sometimes I would read the ingredients of products that I would buy, thinking I would love it dearly, but found that after some patience with experimenting, I can make it better myself!

Since leaving the corporate world to stay home with our children after having our youngest in 2013, we have made so many changes in our lives. Some may call those sacrifices, but we simply view them as less-attachments, new achievements and learning experiences!

Over time, we have now reached the point where we make most of the essentials that we used to have to buy at stores. Now, I make all of our own laundry detergent, fabric softeners, dishwashing detergent, bath soaps, garden pesticides, spray cleaners, spray room fresheners, body care products, of course, and more... We not only spend less money, but we have the satisfaction and gratification of knowing the exact ingredients that go into it all: Simple, all natural, and SAFE to use!

Becoming less dependent on consumerism, we feel a sense of liberation and achievement!

This last year has gone by so fast... I have been able to inspire family and friends on my personal Facebook page, as well as on our Moonsway Facebook page, but now my heart tells me to slow down a bit and take some time to share my story and experiences so that the inspiration can carry out further into the world!

So this is it, my little corner of the blogosphere where I will share some helpful tips, recipes, ideas and more as we continue to strive to be the healthiest we can be in this world full of synthetics, side-effects and diseases.

Will you join me? :)

Thank you for reading!

Bright Blessings~