Thursday, August 7, 2014

Put a Cucumber On It

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Our garden is exploding with ripe vegetables and herbs... We have literally spent the last 4 days (or more.. they are all running together at this point!) canning, blanching, freezing, and preserving, trying to keep up with all that we need to harvest before anything goes bad.

It is a rewarding feeling like no other when you can say that you have harvested about 130 ears of corn, 10 pounds or so of collards and 30 jars worth of pickling cucumbers all from your backyard! Not to mention the 100 pounds of tomatoes starting to ripen, and... well, you get the point.

Today I have vowed to take the day off (with the exception of harvesting beans later, as my loving husband just pointed out as I type this very sentence!! LOL) from gathering and cleaning, so that I can get back to my other passion - Creating natural, organic skin care and sharing my experiences with YOU!

A lot of my products contain ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Mango Butter, Rosehip Seed Oil, etc., and all must be purchased from a store or online. But, looking around, we can always make something soothing for our skin from things we have growing in our very yard, or maybe already purchased and it is sitting in the vegetable drawer in the fridge!

So today we will create with cucumbers!

Slice one open and you can smell its refreshing aroma from across the room. But there is so much more to them than their delicious smell and taste!

After doing much more research, I have found all kinds of incredible benefits and now I want to share them with you....

Cucumbers are infamous skin-soothers and have been used for ages to help treat and relax inflammation in the skin. The Ascorbic acid/Vitamin C prevents water retention; the antothenic acid/Vitamin B5 helps in the retention of moisture; and the combination of these vitamins, as well as other nutrients, makes for a great, natural moisturizer. Also, these green wonders have silica, a building block of collagen, which helps to reduce wrinkles!

But wait.. there's more! Another powerful antioxidant found in cucumbers is Vitamin K. It helps to remove the excess hemoglobin that results in those pesky dark circles under the eyes that we're always trying to fight. Also, Retinol (vitamin A), helps to control and reduce the production of melanin, which causes dark spots too!

Now that we are all in awe of these all-around-green-delights, let's start creating!

For an easy remedy, you can simply apply cucumber slices directly to your skin anywhere you need soothing, and go ahead and lean back in your recliner or on your bed with cool, fresh slices over your eye lids! (peeled or mostly peeled cucumbers rest easier on the eyes, from experience) Turn on some soothing, ambient music and take a mini-vacation for yourself, all while reducing dark circles and signs of 'tired eyes'.

If you want to go a step further, juice your cucumber (or just peal, chop and mash it) and add the cucumber juice to your favorite lotion. It will add its natural and yummy aroma, and boost your lotion with all the vitamins we talked about above!

If you want to go even further, you can create this amazing cucumber toner from this recipe I have created for you. :)

As always, avoid non-organic foods and products to avoid the detrimental effects of GMO's!

Visit our shop for our latest creations.... Moonsway ~ Dedicated to inspiring a more natural approach to skin and body care.

Thanks for reading!

Bright Blessings & Namaste~

<3 Amanda*

Sunday, August 3, 2014

You Can Heal Tooth Decay Naturally!

Yes, you can heal your tooth problems (and even cavities!), naturally! Let me start by saying that, I am in no way encouraging anyone to avoid visiting a dentist. By all means, if you feel like you should visit a dentist, go see one! If you want to try it, see how this method works for you and then go back to your dentist and tell them! Show them the results and see what they say. And please, only take this as a testimony and not any kind of educated medical advice. As with anything I post on this site, this is simply my experience that I wish to share with you, in hopes to inspire you to find, search, and research natural remedies to everyday problems.

This is not something most dentists will tell you... Not only is it not in their best interest for them if you healed your tooth problems on your own, they are simply not taught to view teeth from a natural standpoint.

My frustration began when we were at the dentist for my daughter and I passively asked the dentist to take a quick look at my baby's teeth (that had just come in!) and already had what appeared to be stains on his teeth. I explained how I have tried everything to remove the stains but nothing seemed to help.

He looked and immediately asked if I were still nursing him. He is over a year old and although I never thought I would nurse past the age of 1, I was proud to say, "Yes!". He wanted to know specifics on how often and how long... I said, "When ever that baby wants it", with a smile on my face.

He then tells me that at-will feeding should not exceed past one year of age. He said that his wife "liked to bread feed too but it had to stop", as he proceeds to tell me about how the Cry It Out Method he put his 4 month old baby through is the best option for ending nighttime feedings.
Okay..... I do not wish to get off topic here so I will have to save my rant against, what I feel, is the insensitive treatment of the CIO Method for another post. Moving on...

So my baby girl continues to visit the dentist, ends up getting an incredible amount of work done, my sensitive nature can barely handle the fact that she had to go under general anesthetics, and now that weeks have passed, school is out and the full swing of the busy summer has taken over, the gradual "stains" on our baby's little teeth now look like small craters on the moon!!!

Piking up my phone to make him his first appointment with the dentist, it terrified me of anything they would want to do to his poor mouth to fix this issue. It then came to mind that I have faced this entire thing in opposite fashion than I usually face things when we need a solution.

"WHY...", I thought to myself, "... have I NOT tried finding a natural solution for this yet??" Putting down the phone, I ran to the computer and with one search, my heart felt a sense of relief already.
There were copious reviews, articles, testimonies and cries of joy all over the internet about the high-vitamin dose of the combination of cod liver oil and butter oil. Both are extremely potent in Omega-3's and vitamins the average body is lacking in our society, but it is the very combination of the two that shows the best results when it comes to tooth decay in particular.

People are astounded when deep cavities are healing! Disappearing! Waking up to smooth teeth and gums that once had holes and decay.

The product is made by Green Pastures, and the blend can be found on their site directly, as well as tons of third party retailers online. The price may seem like a little much, but if you put into perspective the cost of dental work, and the emotional turmoil that can have on you, your children, etc., and when you throw in the fact that it is all natural and will give you endless health benefits on a gazillion other levels (I'm no scientist), the product itself is.. Priceless.

This is only day 10 of us giving our baby this incredible blend, and the effects on his little teeth are visible and already greatly improved.

It tastes horrible, and it does not matter what you mix the dose with, it still tastes horrible. After 2 days of slipping it to him orally, he caught on and refuses it with a vengeance! LOL Determined, I researched what to do when your baby no longer accepts the dosage orally, and.... Are you ready for this??

Green Pastures recommends rubbing it on his bottom. Yep. But really, it is not all that surprising! Not to me anyway, the organic bodycare crafter that I am. :)

For centuries before modern medicine, it has long been known that anything and everything we put on our body goes into our blood stream. So when there was healing needed externally and even internally, oils and creams were rubbed onto the skin to provide the blood stream with vitamins needed for healing.

And the only reason we put the cod liver oil/butter oil blend on his bottom is due to the fact that it is a dark brown, thick oil that stinks and will certainly stain clothing. It may seem odd, but I am here to tell you that, IT WORKS!!!

Tell the world! Tel your friends! Go to work and tell everyone you know!

<3 Amanda*

Friday, August 1, 2014

3 DIY Ways You Can Use Honey For Skin Care at Home

I was inspired to write about the attributes of honey after a conversation my neighbor and I had yesterday as she handed our daughter blueberries through the fence, and as I picked her one of our yummy, organic cucumbers from our garden. She mentioned how she has been inspired to research the more natural ways of using products already around the house after I shared my experiences with the healing effects of coconut oil (of which I promise to write about soon!). This made me all sorts of warm and fuzzy inside and now my hope is to inspire you to do the same!

So, let's talk about honey! It is a common household product that we love to pour over certain foods and enjoy in teas & sometimes even coffee, but what if we are missing out on something else really special about honey?

For thousands of years, all the way back to ancient India and Egypt, honey has been used as a natural skin care treatment. Honey was used in baths, mixed with oils or simply applied directly to the skin as a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. Honey penetrates deeply into the pores, cleansing them of impurities, while also moisturizing the skin, giving a natural, radiating glow.

We have been known to use honey in our Moonsway products, of course, with our current and most recent creation being our facial mask that you can find here. With the combination of essential oils used, Australian clay, honey, and added oils, this mask will have you feeling brand new with each use!

But if you are feeling crafty and/or simply want instant gratification (....and I'm also speaking to those who are already eagerly holding the honey in ready position!), here are 6 ways you can use honey for skin care at home. Enjoy!!

  • Honey Mask~  The easiest way to use honey is to enjoy it in its pure, raw form without adding anything else at all! Dampen skin and apply a thin layer of honey in a massaging, circular motion. Allow to sit for as long as you want, but 15-20 minutes is a good amount of time. Rinse with warm water or a steaming hot wash cloth and feel instant results.

  • Honey Bath~  Another simple use for honey is to pour 1-2 cups under warm running water as you fill your bath. Soak for 20 minutes, or longer if you wish. This is a great go-to treatment during winter months for extra dry and itchy skin!

  • Honey Spot Treatment~   For blemishes, bumps and pimples, mix 1 egg white with a tablespoon of honey and apply directly to affected area. The egg white also naturally draws out impurities, adding extra strength to your honey treatment when needed, and is great for bringing white-heads and black-heads to the surface.

May you find inspiration to turn to honey, as well as other natural products for your skin care needs more often, while finding less attachment to chemically infused, commercially made products! Remember, what goes on your skin, soaks into your pores and enters into your bloodstream, essentially effecting how we operate on the inside.

As always, custom orders are welcome and encouraged! So if you would like something special made and would like us to make it for you, please visit our Moonsway Shop and request a Custom Order to fit your needs, wants and desires!

Thanks for reading, and happy experimenting~

<3 Amanda*

Thursday, July 31, 2014

My story...


My name is Amanda. I am a dread-locked mother of 3, wife, entrepreneur, yoga/meditation enthusiast, organic gardener, self-proclaimed herbalist, lover of all things natural, and constant learner! My passions lead me to study and practice many new age, mystical, and old world ways of the world, life and every day happenings. Being more in tune with nature and her divine elements has brought so much peace, light and love into our home, and now my hope is to inspire more people to do the same!

Moonsway... and the entire idea of Moonsway, was entirely born, encouraged and manifested by my friends and family who would try my products and find great relief from them. From anxiety relief, head ache relief, skin relief, and even some mental relief through aromatherapy and relaxation.

Before Moonsway, my business was a non-business, and more of a way of life, beginning with me gifting those I love with concoctions that we use in our own home, for our own family.

Their positive energy, honest feedback and loving support was not only the birth of my own business, but also a sort of rebirth for me, giving me the boost I needed to step out of my comfort zone and open the Moonsway Esty Shop

It will continue to amaze me... the pure power of humanity in our ability to change the lives of those around us, sometimes with just a single kind comment, smile or helpful gesture, and I am forever grateful for anyone and everyone who has been that for me thus far.

                                          *                                      *                                       *
My passion of creating organic body care came from the combination of my passion for only wanting all natural, all organic and GMO free products for myself and family, and my love for making/crafting things on my own.
It has long been a habit of mine to read ingredients of products I like and then try to make them on my own. Sometimes I would read the ingredients of products that I would buy, thinking I would love it dearly, but found that after some patience with experimenting, I can make it better myself!

Since leaving the corporate world to stay home with our children after having our youngest in 2013, we have made so many changes in our lives. Some may call those sacrifices, but we simply view them as less-attachments, new achievements and learning experiences!

Over time, we have now reached the point where we make most of the essentials that we used to have to buy at stores. Now, I make all of our own laundry detergent, fabric softeners, dishwashing detergent, bath soaps, garden pesticides, spray cleaners, spray room fresheners, body care products, of course, and more... We not only spend less money, but we have the satisfaction and gratification of knowing the exact ingredients that go into it all: Simple, all natural, and SAFE to use!

Becoming less dependent on consumerism, we feel a sense of liberation and achievement!

This last year has gone by so fast... I have been able to inspire family and friends on my personal Facebook page, as well as on our Moonsway Facebook page, but now my heart tells me to slow down a bit and take some time to share my story and experiences so that the inspiration can carry out further into the world!

So this is it, my little corner of the blogosphere where I will share some helpful tips, recipes, ideas and more as we continue to strive to be the healthiest we can be in this world full of synthetics, side-effects and diseases.

Will you join me? :)

Thank you for reading!

Bright Blessings~